Ewelina Wlazlo ceramics
I have always been fascinated by exploring the balance between functionality and non-functionality. Making functional objects (cups and other domestic ware) and then through firing or other ceramic processes undermining their function, I intend to open up a critical dialogue about function.

By purposely undermining our desire to touch and use- which are at the heart of traditional craft sensibilities - my work will bring these sensibilities into critical view.
I want through my works to raise a question: “Can an everyday object become work of art? What is a cup, how does it look like, and when does it stop functioning as a cup? What keeps us from using these pieces?” To do that I presented a various ways of subverted function, some very obvious as a broken cup or saucer, fused lid in a sugar bowl, some less obvious as a dusty cup or functional cup but presented on the plinth.Through my work I am questioning the original purpose and function of the domestic objects.

For the context of the work to fully operate, the process of making is crucial. Recently I have found throwing technique as a better way to reflect my thoughts, therefore my work is thrown with porcelain. Porcelain has the qualities- such as strength, whiteness and translucency- that can give this unique, refined look to the work.
Originally my principle interest was in the making and use of functional objects. However, very soon my way of interpreting utilitarian objects changed. I realized that the forms of functional objects have been used for non-functional purposes.
I have become fascinated by the fact that in the area of the applied arts, the boundaries between functional and non-functional objects are sometimes blurred.

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